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Today, I will change your perspective about the laws of Physics. Many readers and students of Physics think that Scientists have made many laws and created problems for them because they have to study and hold huge stuff in their minds. This will happen until they thought that these are Newton's, Einstein's.....laws.

When I am talking about Newton's or Einstein's laws, I mean to say that all the Laws of Physics which named with the name of any scientist. But the ultimate truth is that these are all laws of NATURE.

*Things were falling down and will fall down even if Newton does not give the Law of Gravitation.
*Things are always in Relative even if Einstein does not give the Theory of Relativity.
So nothing is beyond Nature and Natural laws.

But Here, I am not against the theories given by these scientists. They deserve Credit because they are first from the beginning of human history who noticed and observed these laws of Nature. Their theories and formulation help a lot to the scientist community to develop many other advancements in society. This is gravitational law which helps us to settle a Satellite around the orbit of a Planet. Newton's law of motion helps a lot to understand the concepts of force and used in many industries.

So if you have basic Clarity about the rigid laws of Nature and theories of scientist, you can easily understand and apply them in different areas of advancements. It will help to increase your interest in these laws and you feel the connection with Nature. This connection gives you a push to observe the processes of Nature. This thought process will help you in the new research.

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