Here, I will not talk about the bookish way to explain what is Physics. But I will explain something that makes you fall in LOVE with PHYSICS. Here I will not discuss the exams related to physics because that is not Physics, that's competition. I will talk about it later.

Physics is not something that you know about Nature but in reality that is what you experience about nature and how you feel the laws of nature. when we talk about nature, it literally means Everything. When you got to know that nature or everything strict to under particular laws and you are going to explore, experience, and feel these laws by any means it gives you a profound experience.

As a child, we are very curious. our imagination has no limits like Nature. When you come to know about the word INFINITY, it will create a buzz in your head. Our imagination swings us between beyond the star as much as far and closes the atom as much as can.

So when we grew up, we have filled with what, Why, How, When, Where..........

* We are wondered that how things fall down and why it can't go up by itself.

* Why sky filled with darkness after some passage of time and again everything becomes visible with the help of big ball of fire.

* How something converts into energy from which our atoms get excited.

* And many more Questions.

If you are eager to know answers to your Questions regarding nature. Then you are in LOVE with PHYSICS and you are a PHYSICIST.

There is a lot about it, which I will discuss later. In the next meeting, we will discuss 'Are they really Newton's, Einstein's laws'.

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