Exams are not about only the knowledge of your Subject but also about your strategy of preparing and performing in the exam. Competitive exams are a means to compete with others and cross the cut off with better planning. Finding the important topics from the whole syllabus and practice them is also a part of the strategy of preparing for competitive exams. Now I will give you the list of Important Topics of Physics or Physical Science subject-wise. In last I will also discuss the 25 Most important Topics from the whole syllabus. There are a total of 9 subjects in the syllabus of CSIR-NET/JRF of Physics. 

The subject-wise important topics are  -

1. Mathematical Methods of Physics

* Contour integration

* Taylor's Theorem

* Differential Equations

* Fourier and Laplace Transform

* Numerical Analysis 

  • Newton-Raphson Method
  • Trapezoidal Method
  • Simpson 1/3rd Method
  • Simpson 3/8th Method
  • Runga-Kutta Method

2. Classical Mechanics

* Lagrangian and Hamiltonian (Equation of Motion)

* Phase Space dynamics (Trajectories)

* Poisson Bracket and Canonical Transformation

* Virial Theorem

* Planetary Motion

3. Electromagnetic Theory

* Gauss's law (Problems)

* Ampere's law (Problems)

* Maxwell's equations

* Electromagnetic Wave theory

* Scalar and Vector Potential (Problems)

4. Quantum Mechanics

* Phase and Group Velocity

* Schrodinger equation and operators 

* Linear and Spin Angular momentum

* Time-independent perturbation

* Variational and W.K.B method

* Scattering Theory

5. Electronics

* Operational Amplifier

* BJT and FET

* Logic Gates

* Counters and Registers

* A/D and D/A converters

6. Atomic and Molecular Physics 

* Spectroscopic Terms and transitions

* Spectrum of Hydrogen like atoms

* Zeeman effect 

* Raman spectra (Rotational and vibrational)

* Laser (Einstein's A and B Coefficients)

7. Condensed Matter Physics

* Interplanar spacing and Bragg's law 

* Reciprocal lattice

* Dependence of C (Heat capacity) on T (Temp.) and D(E) on E

* Problems on Fermi Distribution 

* Effective Mass (Problems)

* Superconductivity

* Hall Voltage (Problems)

8. Thermodynamics and Statistics

* Maxwell relations

* Canonical and Partition functions

* M-B and B-E Distributions

* First and second-order transitions

9. Nuclear and Particle Physics 

* Liquid-drop and Shell-Model

* Deuteron Problem

* Nuclear reactions

* Quark model 

* Conservation of interactions

Most Important Topics --

I find 25 Most Important Topics from the whole syllabus and there is a 95% probability that you will see a problem from those topics. The purpose to provide these topics to you is not that you rely on those topics only but you must practice these topics very well. A good level of practice in these topics helps you to qualify the exam easily. I will also try to cover up all these topics on this website so stay connected with us. These 25 Most Important Topics are --

  1. Numerical Analysis
  2. Error and uncertainty analysis
  3. Contour integration
  4. Differential equations
  5. Phase-space trajectories
  6. Conservation of laws
  7. Lagrangian and Hamiltonian (equation of motion and conversions)
  8. Planetary motion
  9. Effective potential
  10. Scattering theory
  11. Uncertainty in position and momentum
  12. Variational and W.K.B method
  13. Maxwell's equation
  14. EM wave theory
  15. Transistors (BJT and FET)
  16. Operational Amplifier
  17. Analog to Digital and Digital to Analog converters
  18. Raman Spectra (Vibrational and Rotational)
  19. Maxwell relations of thermodynamics
  20. Dependence of C on T and D(E) on E
  21. Effective Mass
  22. Spectroscopic terms
  23. LASER
  24. Liquid drop and shell model
  25. Conservation of particle interactions

Now Practice all these Most Important Topics as much as you can. It will surely help you to qualify for the exam. If you want any help or have any queries, ask us in the comment box.

Thank You 

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