How To Prepare For CSIR-NET/JRF Exam

CSIR-NET/JRF is a national level exam, earlier conducted by CSIR itself but from Dec 2019, it is organized by National Testing Agency (NTA) for two purposes. The main motive to conduct this exam to find out the deserving candidates for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) and provide eligibility for Assistant Professor in national colleges.

CSIR conducted NET/JRF exam for 5-subjects --

  1. Physical Sciences
  2. Chemical Sciences
  3. Mathematical Sciences
  4. Earth Sciences
  5. Life Sciences
Before preparation, we must understand everything about the exam. So, first of all, let us discuss the basic things about the exam then we will discuss the pattern of the exam. 

About CSIR-NET Exam -- 
  • Name of Exam - CSIR-UGC NET Exam
  • Organized by - National Testing Agency, NTA
  • Mode of Exam - Online
  • Level - National
  • Duration of Exam - 180 minutes or 3 hours
  • Maximum marks - 200
  • Qualifying marks - Depend on Cut-off (Different for every exam)
  • Frequency of Exam - Twice in a year
  • Website - CSIR-NET-NTA
The pattern of Exam -- 

How to Prepare for CSIR-NET/JRF Exam --

Generally, we can categorize all the aspirants of CSIR-NET/JRF into three types. All types of aspirants should follow different techniques to get positive results in the exam. 
  1. Type-1 - Fresher, who will appear in the exam first time.
  2. Type-2 - Who will appear in exam 2nd or 3rd time.
  3. Type-3 - Who will appear in 4th and more than 4th attempt.
The following steps will surely help you to find better results in the exam. We will discuss different steps for different categories of aspirants.

Steps for Type- 1 Aspirant --
  1. Check the syllabus of the exam
  2. Be familiar with the pattern of the exam
  3. Explore previous year question papers
  4. Know the level of questions asked
  5. Revise your basics
  6. Find the Important Topics from each subject ( Click Here for Important Topics)
  7. Make formulae sheet for all subjects
  8. First practice important topics then touch other topics according to availability of time
  9. Don't forget that Part-A is also crucial to qualify for the exam
  10. Give at least 1-hour daily to part-A
Type-2 -- 

Students of category type-2 know very well about the pattern of exam, level of question asked. Now its time to find the mistakes and where you face the problems. First of all, you must identify the reason due to you could not qualify for the exam.

Reasons -- 
  1. Maybe you ignore Part-A
  2. Made silly mistakes like not read question carefully, calculating mistakes, etc
  3. Got more negative markings by randomly choose the answer.
  4. Try to mug up the whole syllabus but not concentrate on accuracy
How to overcome these reasons -- 
  1. Give sufficient time to Part-A for practice and also give 30 minutes in the exam. Try to score 20 out of 30 from part-A. It will help you a lot to crack the exam.
  2. Practice the problems properly and check them to overcome silly mistakes.
  3. Don't do the random guess, it will increase your negative marking.
  4. Focus on the accuracy, not on the quantity of the syllabus. you have the choices in the exam so don't try to mug up the whole syllabus.
  5. Do Practice the important topics
Type - 3 

The students fall in type-3 should not feel demotivated, just believe in yourself. Do what I discussed in Type-2. Extra things you can do are --
  1. Don't forget that you are many steps ahead of other candidates.
  2. You only need three things practice, practice, and practice.
  3. Make a list of important topics.
  4. Give 1 full day to a single topic if you have time, and practice the problem of that topic as much as you can.
Follow these steps according to your category, it will surely help to crack any exam like CSIR-NET/JRF Exam. Feel free to ask any query in the comment box.

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