Physics of Corona-Virus and COVID-19

When you will see your surrounding by the biological microscope, you will notice that there are many micro-organisms in the air surrounding us. Many micro-droplets are flowing in our proximity whether it is through our mouth, nose, or in the humidity of the air.

Physics of Corona-virus or COVID-19 is a very interesting topic to know because it will give you information about some characteristics of corona-virus which helps us to take preventive actions to protect our body from this Virus.

Physicists generally said that physics is the study of nature and natural phenomena. That means they are talking about everything. Because nature means the whole existence. So we must say that corona-virus or COVID-19 have some physics.

How Virus Flow 

Corona-Virus deposit on the respiratory-droplets of an infected person. These Virus-deposited-droplets flow out from the mouth and nose of an infected person via breathing, Sneezing, Talking, and Coughing. So these infected-droplets flow in the surrounding or settle down on the nearby surfaces. The flow speed depends on the momentum of droplets. For example when someone sneezes, then droplets flow over long distances because now they have more momentum. 

According to Research 

According to a research paper published by Rajat Mittal entitled "The flow physics of COVID-19", a single sneeze flow out approximately 10K droplets having velocity 20 m/s and cough generates approximately 10 times fewer droplets with velocity 10 m/s and general talking generate approximately 50 droplets per second.

So when other people come to contact these droplets or inhale by mouth or nose during breathing then he will be infected by the virus. That is why this disease is known as Viral-disease. So this How COVID-19 spread and infected the other peoples. This transmission has come under the context of fluid dynamics or Flow Physics.

Protection from Corona-Virus or COVID-19

Now there is no treatment to cure COVID-19. By using the knowledge of flow physics, you can protect yourself from this corona-virus. We can protect us by washing our hands to break the virus structure, by covering our face with a mask to stop the flow of corona-virus. We should also sanitize our surroundings, home, hospitals, shops, etc. to make virus inactive.

This knowledge gives us a better understanding of the flow and control of corona-virus or COVID-19 on the basis of science.     

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